Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Everything I Need to Know I Learned at Mohican - Race Report from 2002

In the early days of my racing career NCN Racing had an adventure race, of sorts, in Loudonville.  The race consisted of canoing the Mohican River, mountain biking and trail running (both on the same trails).
I was excited by the canoing part since I remember Cub Scout trips on the river as a kid.  Unfortunately recent rain had brought the river level very high and they replaced the canoe with a run.  So it became a duathlon. 
Everyone had a great time the entire day.  This was one of the first times I met Tony Ramos.  Those that know Tony understand and appreciate his wit.  We have been friends since and I came across his race report while digging through some old papers.  Funny how I find many of these comments still hold true almost 13 years later.  Thanks for the memories Tony.

  1. Show Up.  Especially if your competition didn't.
  2. Ask for what you want.  You might get it.  This applies to jobs, dates, or free boxes of Wheaties Energy Crunch in mass quantities.  Thanks gals!
  3. Follow your leaders closely and watch what they do.  It makes it easier to surpass them.
  4. Move through space with authority, like you own it.  Don't let yourself get pushed around, but realize that in the battle of feet, pedals and trees......trees win.
  5. If the going is truly tough, it's OK to walk.  But be prepared to hammer.  Someone is watching.  It is probably a chipmunk.  And he is laughing.  At you.
  6. Your path is littered with signs of those who have fallen --water bottles, broken branches, etc.  Passing these areas unscathed is the moral equivalent of passing these people.  At least I like to persuade myself of this because it sounds nice.
  7. You may be prepared for one thing but life can hand you another.  Typical pre-race comments: "Dang, too bad about no canoes."  Typical post-race comments: not one word about canoes.  A strong and honest effort makes any changed plan a good plan.
  8. In the year 400, after we have mastered time travel, space travel, and immortality, there will still be orange barrels along Interstate 71.
  9. Enjoy your surroundings.  The natural world is a beautiful and wondrous gift to take in and worth relishing at very moment.  It makes terrible relish though.  Next time, I will wipe off my hot dogs after I drop them.