Saturday, February 12, 2011

Catching up

...and it's not only the pictures I need to catch up with. There is a fine line between working on the pictures one at a time and loading them in batches. As you can see I just put up 5 posts in order to get caught up. That is called falling way behind. But I also can't seem to get a picture up each day.

I need to work on small batches every couple of days.

I also need to work on catching up with real blogging.

News about my team, Snakebite Racing.

What my current training is (all you hear is about me being broken).

My 2011 race schedule.

Motivation, inspiration and deep thoughts.

I think I just listed what should be posted next.

Have a great weekend.

Game On.

When you have a broken body

I broke my body again. Monday night I must have had bad form again at Crossfit. The next day my legs were locked up. Very tight and sore in the quads. It was hard to walk down the stairs. I was finally able to get on the bike for a short ride. Getting out of the saddle to stand or climb was out of the question.

I tried some electro-stim on my legs. It seemed to help a little bit.

But the real relief came from the acupuncture and message session with the witch doctor. He helped open up the legs, joints, nerves, etc. Definitely worth the money.

Water - solid and liquid

I saw this icicle hanging outside the home office window. I love how it curled around the gutter.

This is the inside cover of the book "Call the Suit". Written and autographed by Sheila Taormina. Remember that name. You will hear it again soon.

Super Bowl Pics

Super Bowl Sunday deserves more than one picture.

I was getting things ready for our friendly get together. I took the beer and cooler outside to fill up with all the free cold stuff in my yard. Yes...snow makes for an excellent cooling agent. Unfortunately the paper handle on a six-pack broke loose and there were some casualties. Lost three bottles on the garage floor.

Aimee had some great food on tap. The biscuit pizza bake looked yummy even before it was baked.

She made some of her awesome scones and chocolate covered strawberries.

This was the line-up of beer available in the cooler.

We had a great time with everyone. The commercials were funny, half time show barely tolerable...oh yeah...there was also a football game.

Good doggies

I brought some breakfast up to Aimee this morning. Snickers (left) and Ruby (right) waited patiently for their portion. Unfortunately Aimee was too hungry to share. I didn't share either.

You can tell we are STARVING them to death.....NOT.

I was in PA working for a customer. The hotel rooms at Hyatt Place are very nice. The TVs have some very nice hookups. I've never used them but it's still a nice setup.

Last nights Crossfit WOD ripped the crap out of my hands. Knees to elbows on the pull-up rig. Two blisters on one hand and one blister on the other. Owwww.

Bike, Cables and Candles


The snow accumulated pretty good at the beginning of the month. And it was cold also.

I finally hooked up the DVD player to the new TV I bought back in September. The problem was I needed some cables. The S-Video cable sitting S-video on the new TV. Had to buy the component cables instead. Kind of a hassle.

This candle was a center piece at the restaurant we had a family dinner at.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

CTC Swim Challenge


It was time to the second annual Cleveland Tri Club Swim Challenge and Clinic. We had the Cleveland State University pool for 3.5 hours to swim whatever distance you wanted to. The major options were
100 x100's
75 x 100's
50 x 100's
25 x 100's

There were also two swim clinics available. Last year I committed to the 50 x 100 (5000 yards) and felt good enough to finish with 8000.

This year I was joining quite a few others in a group being called the Big Dogs because we were going for the complete 10,000 yards (100 x 100s).

My strategy was to swim in groups of 500 and take a small more than one minute between 500's. I was very happy with my swimming as I kept a pace between 7:35 and 7:45. I finished in under 3 hours which was a little goal I had set for myself.

Muscle Milk has been attending the CTC events this year and they donated a case of their product for each person who completed the 10k yards. I split a case of chocolate and vanilla with a friend. It was a much appreciated gift.

Game On.

Dogs and Tacos


I had to change out the batteries on the Invisible Fence collars for Ruby and Snickers. We need to make sure they stay close to home and safe.


Tacos for dinner. But Aimee and I have been opting for a healthier version.
We used bib lettuce leaves for shells.
Bison meet instead of beef. Could also use ground chicken or turkey.
Taco Seasoning is put together with our own spices...check the ingredients of Old El Paso taco seasoning.
Homemade guacamole.
Greek yogurt instead of sour cream.
The shredded cheese is probably the worst part of it all.

Recipe ideas are courtesy of the Paleo Girls.

And you get a bonus picture showing the taco platter we made.

Great Race Nutrition


I admit my blogging has been spotty at best. But when I have someone to pimp out and I can't even find time to promote his business....that's just not right. I've known Mike for quite a while and I was totally stoked when he started Great Race Nutrition. When I was looking for nutrition products I had to go to several places for what I wanted. I couldn't get what I wanted from one place.

GRN is that site. All of the major, and some obscure, manufacturers are sold through GRN. He has also helped me evaluate several products to see if they would work for me. Mike also has great knowledge about the products to help people determine their nutrition needs. He not only sells the product but he it as well. Mike completed his first 140.6 at the FullRev last September, but his athletic career

One of my favorite options available from Great Race Nutrition is "Flavor Choice". Mix and match your favorite flavors or electrolyte tablets, energy bars or gels.

I have a link on my side bar to the GRN website. Check them out and tell them I sent you over.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Feel the Fire Burning


I was getting a massage from my go to guy and through certain trigger points I could feel the release of built up energy or heat. The nervous system gets overloaded with all of the training I put my body through. The energy paths through the body get jammed up and need some help to get released.

As he was helping release the energy I could feel the heat leaving my body through my feet and hands. It made me think about a song from one of my favorite musicians..Darude. The song "Burning" fit the bill perfectly with what I was feeling.

I have a fire burning in my soul.

Big Daddy Diesel also came to mind because he is a person who has a fire that is burning with a huge intensity, especially since someone told him he can't do something. I am reminded of the quote from Chinese Imperial Admiral Yamamoto after the attack on Pearl Harbor, "We have awakened a sleeping giant and have instilled in him a terrible resolve". Oh yeah, that sleeping giant is BDD.

So this picture is for everyone with a fire burning in their souls. And I have also included the song "Burning" from Darude.

Game On.