Thursday, April 28, 2011

Who are you and what have you done with my wife?

Because of my current injuries my competitive mojo has been....lacking. It's been kind of a I don't give a sh!t attitude for the 2011 season.

Aimee on the other hand is chomping at the bit for some racing. She has always called herself a runner more than a triathlete. But this year is different (last year she was different also but that involved IM St. George).

Ever since she ran with our friend Jen, she has been jonesing to do a half iron race.

I transferred my Little Smokies entry to the Great Buckeye Challenge. Unfortunately Aimee will be hosting her sisters baby shower that weekend. She was a little bummed about the conflict. So we are trying to figure out where she could race a half.

I am quite pleasantly surprised by her desire to do a half iron race. It's actually helping me get my mojo back.

So don't be changing my wife any time soon. I think we need each other right now.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What's Cookin' Wednesday - Tomato & Spinach Dinner Strata

I have not shared any good recipes lately. Kind of goes along with the lack of blogging. Well lately Aimee and I have been finding some great recipes and I contribute it to her desire to eat better. She is always on the lookout for healthy magazines and I have been finding some recipes on-line.

Two magazines that have been a good source of inspiration are Clean Eating and Eating Well. I have also found some tasty recipes at The Foodee. This is a good starting point to many other sites.

So today's recipe came from the May/June issue of Eating Well. Aimee found it and I made it. She read the ingredients and bought the food. I did the prep and cooking. Of course neither one of us read the directions all the way through. After it's all put together it's supposed to sit for at least 2 hours and up to a day.....oops. We adjusted and pushed the meal to the next night and cooked something else.

As I was putting the dish together I was beginning to have my doubts. The icing on the cake, or topping of the strata, was pouring three whipped eggs over the entire dish. A traditional strata is usually a breakfast item so eggs aren't that weird, but there is no meat in this dish. No sausage or bacon or ham. But hey, I'm up for a culinary challenge.

Here is the link for the recipe.

Tomato & Spinach Dinner Strata

So after letting the dish sit for 24 hours we cooked this bad boy up and sampled our creation.

It...was...AWESOME!!!!!!! I had a second piece and Aimee has a smaller second helping. And the leftovers were just as great.

So we highly recommend this recipe. If you don't like it let me know because I would be surprised.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sorry folks but we have been delayed.

Don't you hate that announcement at the airport? It just throws your whole day off. You try to scramble and salvage what is left of the day and get where you need to be.

That's how I have been feeling lately. But it's not due to travel problems, and it has nothing to do with work.

My race season has been delayed. Below are two pictures of what is delaying me.

So what do you think? Right knee. Left ankle. Both not looking too good.

I think the knee is over used. The half marathon in Houston and some Crossfitting has caused it to freak out. The inside of the knee is the most painful. I have an appointment with an ortho I've been to before so we will see what he officially says.

The ankle was twisted during my first 4 mile run after taking it easy for a week post half marathon. The ankle is stable and is still a little tender but I'm walking fine.

However, this has really put a damper on my training. Swimming is about all I can handle.

I skipped the season opener at the Buzzard Duathlon.

I signed up for the Ohio University Athletes in Action sprint tri and the Little Smokies Half Iron in May.

I have finally made the decision to cancel both of those races. I may swim and bike at OU, but I am nowhere near ready for a half iron. So I will still go down and watch all my tri peeps race at both.

It's always hard to deal with injuries and set backs when everyone else around you are in good form and ready to race. So I'm going to recover as best I can and hope to be ready for the second half of the season.

Let's see what Game I can muster later this summer.

Monday, April 25, 2011

I'm back?

Can I even say that?

Back from where?

The last place I went was Houston and you saw my race report from AHCHM.

Actually it's my attempt to get back to blogging. Lately I have been a great reader of blogs and Facebook posts. But my own commentary has been lacking.

Then I got a comment from Michael at Slowly Tri-ing.

Really?!?!?!? Someone is still ready and visiting my humble blog? And I have to ask that really how your name is spelled? Isn't that the male spelling? I was thrown for a loop when I saw her name next to the profile picture. Maybe she will leave a comment to help me understand.

I've also started reading Blue's UnBashful Blog. I first met Megan at a swim clinic and we continue our friendship through various workouts and supporting Girls With Sole.

I also spoke with the president of Snakebite Racing, Angie. When she said she wanted to speak with me I thought, "Crap. I haven't been a very good team member lately." Actually she was looking to share some ideas with me. Whew.

But all three have helped me realize I need to get back to writing on my blog. I need to re-focus. Do the things I enjoy (blogging, taking pictures, supporting my team, training) as well as the things I must do (work, house chores, etc.) Except for work some of my "must do" items I also enjoy.

Okay...there..I've said it. Now I need to get my Game On.