Sunday, March 24, 2013

Have you seen my toy?

Yeah....I'm talking to you. 

I'm Zoe and I can't find one of my favorite toys.  I think those two "people" that live in my house are hiding it. 

I is one of my favorite toys.  I've had it ever since I moved in. 

Here's a better picture in case you have seen it somewhere.


You still haven't seen it? can't really make out what it is?

This is what it used to look like.

Yeah, I know.  I ripped off the horns, arms, legs.  The stuffing and squeaker are long gone.

But it's my favorite toy.

You mean they bought me a new one?  Why haven't they given it to me!?!?!?

Happy Dog, Happy Dog...I'm a Happy Dog.

Look at squirrel.......

Friday, March 22, 2013

We Live Where?



Not Florida.  Not Arizona.  And not Southern California. 

The past couple of days I have been hearing the same thing everywhere I am. 

"I am so tired of this weather." 

I heard it when I was in Wisconsin. 

I've heard it on the news and I've heard it from friends here in Northeast Ohio.

I'm sorry my friends but it may be spring on the calendar but this is still March.  And to me March means crappy weather.

So I'm not letting the new snow or grey clouds get me down.  I'm heading outside for a run or maybe even a bike ride. 

This shit makes us tougher and prepared for when the crap hits the fan come race day.  

So for now keep on bitchin'.  I'm just going to silently shake my head and wish you would HTFU.

You don't hear my friends in Michigan racing Barry Roubaix complaining.  Of course some of them are drunk tonight......go figure.

Game On my friends. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My Verona.....

My day finished around 5PM so I decided to visit Madison's sister, Verona.  Verona is where the double loop of the Ironman Wisconsin bike course begins. 

I would be remiss not driving the bike course and getting a little refresher from when I was last there 5 years ago. 

It was nice to see some familiar portions of the course.  It also provided me with some reminders of how to train for the route. 

Or course the roads will look much better in 6 months.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Dear Madison

......thanks for the warm reception tonight.  I drove in last night to a beautiful sunset on the western horizon as I drove from Milwaukee.

However today, Monday, you placed a 3 inch blanket of wet snow on the city before the colder temperatures arrived.

I knew what you had in store.  I had done my research and packed accordingly.  I would swim at the Dane County Y in the morning and get in an evening run before the temperatures plunged overnight.

I just didn't expect so much snow.  And wind.

29 degrees with 15 MPH winds.  Brrrr.

My run along the Capital City Trail was very picturesque with the new layer of snow covering everything including the grass, trees and icy patches on the trail. 

I followed the single wheel track of the Surley Pugsley and even went down on the same icy patch that the rider did.

But that didn't deter me.  I was enjoying my run of solitude.

However, when I reached the end of the trail I turned around to feel your chilling deception.  No wonder the run was feeling so nice.  Your winds were pushing me along through the snow covered trail and slushy intersections. 

As I made the turn to make my way back to the warm confines of my hotel room you smacked me in the face.  Your winds plastered my wind breaker against my chest and sliced through my two layers of gloves.  My fingers could feel your icy grip despite my efforts.

But you underestimated me.  There is no surrendering.  There is no stopping my resolve to return to the hotel, fending off the cold biting wind.

Sure you can give me a little respite in the woods but rounding that corner I could feel your winds again pushing me back forcing me to give more than I wanted to during this recovery week.

The tracks I had made only 30 minutes prior were already disappearing under the fresh snow sweeping across the open fields.  Were those my footprints or someone elses from an earlier walk?  Even the groove left by the bicycle tires was filling in.

But my dear Madison, this is not the first time I have encountered your bitter cold.  I have felt that sting before.  I have also felt the warmth that you provide during the early fall months.

You must remember that I come from Cleveland.  We share the same love/hate for the seasons.  The cold gives way to the warmth or spring and summer.  Then the cold returns in the late fall.

So I am wise to  you Madison and I respect you.  But you must also respect me.

I am Goruck Tough.

I am an Ironman.

And come September 8th I will become Iron again.

Game On Madison.  Oh...and I'm bringing some friends too.

PS....I was in Madison for work and met with one of my co-workers Ed.  I told him about my run and he agreed that it was cold out.  In fact, Ed was the guy on the Surley.  He hit his head so hard that if it wasn't for his helmet I might have found him there dead on the trail.  AND...Ed will be doing IM MOO for the 10 year in a row come September....this is his last IM.

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Girls With Sole Swim-a-Thon.....kindof

Today was the annual GWS swim-a-thon.  Two hours of fundraising fun with Liz and Harlan.  Unfortunately I couldn't make it.  The swim time conflicted with my regularly scheduled spin sessions. 

But I didn't want to miss out on trying to help raise some money for GWS.  After I refueled from the 2 hour spin session I headed to the Y for some pool time. 

I had a lane to myself, set down my water bottle and Gels for 2 hours of swimming.

I broke the swim in 1000 yard sets.  I alternated doing 10 x 100 then 5 x 200. 

I saw two of my tri friends Lori and Julie during my swim and it helped break up the monotony with a little bit a chatter with them.  Julie shared the lane with me for my final 45 minutes.

I decided to go with 2 hours of swimming by the clock on the wall since that was the pool time Harlan had arranged at the Rocky River pool.  I was shooing for as much yardage as I could in the time allowed.

On my last 1000 I miscounted and was excited to finish up so it was a weird amount of yardage.

My watch shows that I had a total swim time of 1 hour 52 minutes taking into account a couple of breaks to refuel and hydrate.  So 8 minutes of down time is actually pretty good.

The 1:20 on my watch is the final 100 yards I did.  I was happy with that split having completed 6,8000 yards averaging 1:30/100 with 10 seconds rest. 

Yep, with the final 100 I reached 6,900 yards.  I didn't realize my "shortage" until I got home and reviewed my splits.

It doesn't matter because that is $69 I am donating to Girls With Sole.  One dollar for each 100 yards.
Well worth it.  This money is used so Liz can keep her Game On with what she does through GWS.

Anyone want to match my donation?