Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I am my father

Has it been that long? This is my first post in November?!?!?! And I still need to finish my GRM (Grand Rapids Marathon) race report?!?!?!? OH BOY.

I've been traveling alot lately. In fact I've been working in one way or another everyday since the beginning of the month.

My latest trip is 8 days in Georgia and Virginia. I packed conservatively so that my bag wasn't over stuffed. The hotel in VA said guest laundry available. Cool. I could short myself some items, do some laundry at the hotel and finish out the week.


There is nothing on-site. Send it out and get it cleaned. I wanted to do laundry, not send stuff to the cleaners.

So with two days left I grabbed a couple of items, mainly unmentionables.....okay socks and undies, and washed my the sink.

I had become my father.

During my father's career at NASA he traveled alot. My senior year in high school I drove his car more than he did, maybe an exageration, but he was gone alot.

On more than one occasion he washed items in the bathroom sink at the hotel. I'm not sure of the reasons for doing this but hey.....he did it none the less. We would always get a good chuckle from that.

So as I am driving around looking for the self service laundry down the street and realize it is closed, I can't help but laugh out loud and realize that I am my father.

I never knew how or when it would happen, but regardless it's happened.

And I'm smiling on the inside and out, because of all the people in the world to "turn into".....well let's just say it couldn't get any better than this.

Dad, I love you and thanks for everything.

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Vickie said...

I think that happens to all of us at some point in our lives--we realize we have become our parents.