Thursday, February 21, 2008

Again to Carthage

I've been wanting to post some book reviews. I've read some awesome books this past year and will try to share more information about what I have been reading.

My latest read is the new book by John L. Parker, Again To Carthage. This is the long anticipated sequel to the ultimate running book Once a Runner. I've read Once a Runner several times because Parker is a runner who is a talented author. The way he describes the training and racing involved with running is awesome. I was not let down by Again to Carthage.

At first I was confused with the slow nature of the book. Trying to understand where he was going in the beginning I almost gave up. But the second half of the book is built upon the first half. Parker ties everything together and make clear the meaningful connections.

I was drawn deeper and deeper into the book to the point where I had to force myself to close the book and turn out the light somewhere near 11PM on some weeknights, usually my limit is 10PM.

Never mentioning clear dates in the book, I was sometimes lost when things were happening. However the ending is classic and is hard to describe. Of course I don't want to say anything about the actual story.

I will say that Once a Runner AND Again to Carthage are two highly prized books in my small collection. I know I will re-read this one again and again.

I cannot recommend these books enough. If possible read Once a Runner first. I know it's hard to find the first book, very expensive on-line, but if you can borrow it or find it....GET IT. Get them both. Read them both. Become excited about running.


triguyjt said...

thanks for the tips and for the reviews...

DaisyDuc said...

Thanks for the tips...these look right up my alley. I am so glad I recently started reading again!

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