Sunday, September 07, 2008

Ironman Wisconsin

Before I crash and burn in my bed and get some sleep I want to just post a quick recap of the race.

If you were tracking me you already know the results.

Swim 1:06:57
Bike 5:46:53
Run 3:59:53

Total 11:03:36

Despite an immediate panic attack at the start of the swim, once I got myself under control I had a great swim.

The bike was awesome except for the winds that started blowing during the second loop.

the run was decent but I think I burned too many matchsticks on the bike. the highlight of that was finishing the final four miles at a 9 min/mile pace after slipping to 11 min/miles.

I specifically want to thank a host of people.

I saw Aimee a huge number of times on the course and even gave her a couple of sweaty kisses.

My parent and in-laws (Tom, Liz, Becky/Kyle) for being on the course and cheering for me quite loudly.

Alan Wong and his girlfriend Rosana for spending some time with us over the weekend and before the start of the race.

Mark Durno for being out all over the course, bike and run, to cheer on the Cleveland crew.

The main people I saw alot of and made for a special weekend were Paul, Rob, Dave and Tim. You guys rock.

Debbie Sidol was out on the bike course then took my timing chip off and gave me a big hug at the finish line.

Eric Hodska and Baker for being on the the bike and run course and looking out for me, making sure I was doing well and reporting back to Coach Angela.

Coach Angela for getting me ready for this day and finish. Her workouts encourgement and friendship have become invaluable to me.

Finally I want to give a shout out to Halle Nanda. She was with me during the final 4 miles, just like the hard brick runs giving me strength to run well.

More to come. There is so much to tell...a.fterall it was an 11 hour day.

Thanks to you all for supporting me on this second Ironman Journey.

Game was definitely on.


triguyjt said...

way to rock it...awesome time...


your 11 hour day was still better than the 3 hours of torture for romeos boys lol

TriSaraTops said...


BuckeyeRunner said...

Followed you all day on myathlete and Way to rcok it out.

Flatman said...


BuckeyeRunner said...

we were watching you -- great job! all your hard work paid off, BIG TIME. Take some deserved rest. See you at the races!

Anonymous said...

Hey Eric,

Congrats and nice work!!

Dave Miceli

JenC said...

Stellar job! Congrats!

Wendy Carbone said...


Awesome job again!

Jeannie said...

Congrats Eric! I can't wait to hear all about it!

Feel It: The Factory Rider said...

Nice job!!

Game on!

Bill said...

Very well done Eric. Get some rest now!