Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Ironman Wisconsin - Thanks

What is a race report without acknowledging those that helped you get to the finish line.

This was my fifth year being coach by Angela. Each year we have tried and learned different things. We have tweaked my training and discovered how my body responds to a wide variety of workouts. She has always listened to what I have had to say and responded with good advice and words of support. She is more than a coach and I'm glad to have her as a friend.

Despite triathlon being an individual sport there are times when you need to swim, bike, or run with others.

Jason was my swimming buddy. Even though we can't talk while swimming the before or after chats were very important. His enthusiasm for triathlon reminded me of why I do this.

Scott, Jeff and Chris were my bike and run go to guys. Scotty helped me fine tune my ride with advice and equipment pointers. Jeff helped keep the conversations going on those long rides and kept me company despite struggling with colds and eventually bronchitus. I knew I could count on Chris for a long ride when I didn't know where to go, and didn't have the mental capacity to figure it out. He took me out on a ride where he told me when and where to turn.

Scott and Jeff during one of our last rides together.

Chris fueling up during the "take me where you want" ride.

The most support I received was of course from Aimee. She was so much help to me this year, just like in the past. She was ready to ride her bike when I would finish my brick run after 5 hours on the bike. She listened to my bitching and did what she could to help. She cheered loud and hard during the race which always brought a smile to my face.

I managed to hug Aimee whenever I saw her. Even at mile 15 I was able to smile when I saw her.

There are so many other people who helped just be asking about training or going to the race and watch. Everyone made my second Ironman journey special. I thank each and every person for their help.

What's next for me. I really don't know what 2009 will hold for me. Only time will tell.

For now....get your Game On.


triguyjt said...

ahhh to thank those that mean the most is a huge part of all of this...

nice post....

you had a great season, capped by an awesome ironman showing...

Flatman said...

You've got a great team!

Anonymous said...

I forgot my password. You are and continue to be an inspiration to me Bro! See you in the pool soon.