Saturday, January 17, 2009

It's about time.....

that Lance make some sort of formal comment about Ironman.

This is what the triathlon world has been waiting for since his "retirement".

Once Lance Armstrong has finished his cycling comeback, his sporting career will turn full circle.

Armstrong has confirmed widely-held speculation that he will eventually compete in an Ironman triathlon.

As a teenager, the record seven-time Tour de France champion was a top-class triathlete over shorter courses in the late 1980s.

But he eventually switched to road cycling, where he has become one of the sport's greatest competitors.

"Whenever I'm done with this (comeback). I can unequivocally say yes to that," Armstrong has told the American magazine Outside about entering an Ironman.

"That's a fact and I get asked that question every day. "I don't know when it was, less than a year ago, that I got some of these Ironman DVDs - I said 'let's see what that's all about'.

Typical of Armstrong, he also wants to be competitive when he attempts the gruelling Ironman distance.

An Ironman consists of a 3.8km swim, 180km cycle and 42.2km marathon run.

The winner finishes in around eight hours and the cut-off time for the late finishers is between 15-17 hours.

"I'm definitely motivated to do an Ironman," he said."We'll go back and I'll be close to 40, but I've swam more in the last three years than before that.

"And I don't want to just do an Ironman, I don't want to approach it like I approached the marathons, I want to do it as fast as I can."

In the three years since he retired from professional cycling, Armstrong competed in several marathons, posting a string of impressive sub-three hour finishes.

Armstrong also based himself on the Big Island of Hawaii for a post-Christmas training camp before flying to Adelaide last Sunday to launch his cycling comeback at the Tour Down Under.

While in Hawaii, he trained on the Queen K highway, the desolate stretch of road that is a key feature of triathlon's most famous race, the Hawaiian Ironman.

We will just have to wait with baited breath. So he will be 40. Big deal. I did my first when I was 39. I wonder if he would get a special invite to Kona or have to qualify like everyone else.


Phil's Grill said...

I think Lance Armstrong is a fantastic role model for overcoming obstacles. I appreciated your post.
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Steve Stenzel said...

Jeez, now I might have to do another one after Lance to try to go for his time. Oh wait, I could never get "Lance-fast!" ;)

DaisyDuc said...


Dan said...

Yeah... turning 40 for a 7-time Tour champion isn't quite the same as turning 40 for Joe Average (or even Joe Age-Grouper!).

I will always be grateful to Armstrong for what he has done for cancer awareness, and although I have my doubts, I try to assume that his marriage was actually over before his other relationships began.

Personal commentary aside, if he were to attempt an Ironman race, I would definitely tune in.