Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Her first Tri

Aimee and I have a friend (Rachael) who works for a company that really promotes health and fitness. So when the opportunity arose to participate in the Philadelphia Insurance Triathlon (hint hint that who she works for) she jumped at the chance. She started running about 1.5 years ago and has enjoyed it. This is her race report.

I actually thought it was harder than I anticipated. Although I practiced in the open water I truly wasn't prepared. I guess it had been raining in Philly the month of June up until the Friday before the race on Saturday. The river was even red lined up until midnight before. The river did clear but the current was stronger than normal. I had to swim in a square path which meant going against current in 3 of 4 legs. As I started, I panicked a bit then my legs were cramping. Believe me I was not happy. I didn't train all this time and involve so many people, spend mine and others quit a tenth of a mile into the swim. I did not want to quit. I did the only thing I could do which was turn over on my back and do the back
stroke the rest of the way. It worked. I was tired though.

Once thru the swim, the rest was cake. I finished a lot slower than I hoped but I finished. And considering I almost gave up I was very proud of myself.

I plan to practice more in open water since that did me in.

Talk about pushing the mind. This type of race report gets me stoked up. Rachael is "very proud of myself" as well she should be.

Rachael gets the "Game On Award" for her first tri.


Cliff said...

Hi Eric,

It's amazing how often the first experience triathletes are in common. At the end, it usually resound to "I think I can go faster, i need more training."

Glad Rachel had a blast.

triguyjt said...

Props to Rachel...

best to you and the trail lady you are married to