Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Is it possible to do it all?

I forgot to post some pictures I had taken of our training plan. This is our calendar showing what our training was to consist of.

This is the detail of our calculated paces for this training.

The training plan talked about including some cross training. Swim, bike and crossfit would be my cross training.

I wasn't spending a lot of time on the bike. The team, Snakebite Racing, was holding a group spin class at one of our sponsors, Ride & Workout. These Tuesday classes would be conflicting with my speed workouts so I had to back off on those. Aimee and I were leading some indoor ride sessions at Coca Crossfit on Sunday mornings and that would become my weekly ride time.

I had to keep up the swimming at least a little because of the Cleveland Tri Clubs Big Swim Challenge. So I had to be ready for tackling 10,000 yards.

And I wanted to keep the weight training going at crossfit. I could tell that it was helping with my swimming and I wanted to keep building a strong base for the tri season.

Of course it didn't take long to realize that this training plan was not going to work well with my normal triathlon training schedule. Things needed to change.

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