Sunday, December 22, 2013

Running with Joe

Yesterday was one of those HTFU days.  Aimee and I were scheduled to run with our friends Dale and Tina for 1:30.  But the weather was super crappy with non-stop rain.  Friday night it was already in the 50's so I figured I would be running in shorts for sure.

Saturday morning the rain was still coming down but no so bad to dissuade Aimee from running.  I gathered my gear and we headed out.

Boy am I glad to have Aimee.  She gave me the right HTFU motivation to lace up the running shoes.

The rain wasn't that bad but the temperature was cooler than I thought.  I ran in a different direction than the others.  The solitude allows me to get lost in the run.

The rivers were very high from the rain and I had the trails to myself.  The only company I had was the dozen deer grazing along the side of the path.

When I turned around a friend joined me for the rest of my run.

Joe found me 45 minutes into the run and kept me company for the final 30 minutes.  It was very nice to have the company.

I wish I could remember how long I've known Joe.  Aimee and I were introduced to Joe and Anne at one of our friends house.  Joe always struck me as a well rounded guy.  He could talk on many different topics.  A wonderful husband and father, his faith was evident but not pushy.  He was always interested in what you were doing. 

Joe and I didn't talk during our run together but we shared some memories. 

Joe died just over one year ago on November 21, 2012.  At 48 years old his body, ravaged by cancer, decided it couldn't go on any longer.  I wish I could have gotten to know Joe better.  But having him in my life for even a short period of time is priceless.

I'm not sure why Joe decided to join me for a run but I'm sure glad he did.  He had no problem running by my side.  He even helped push me along as I headed straight into the wind and rain.

I'm not sure when Joe will join me for another run, but I sure will enjoy spending some time with him again.

Game On.

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