Thursday, October 19, 2006

Get out and Ride

Last night I rode. This was the first physical activity since Baltimore. I've been pretty busy and haven't been able to do anything but this is my down time right now. Taking it easy and recharging my mental and physical batteries after an awesome racing season.

Now while Bolder had to deal with this, I only had to deal with the darkness. Fortunately for me I have accumulated the necessary equipment for riding at night. During my days of racing mountain bikes I participated in many night races and 5-6 24 Hour team races. So I put my light on the handlebars of my mountain bike and a blinkie red light hooked on the pocket of my jacket and headed out.

I stayed on the side streets where there would be street lights and less traffic. I left the HR monitor at home and just rode. I had a blast zipping through the streets in stealth mode. After an hour of riding I managed to clock 16.25 miles.

For now my Game is Off, but there are many people getting their game ready for IM Kona and IM Florida. Getting excited about tracking people during those races.

So for everyone else.......



IM Able said...

I have to say, I'm a little intimidated by riding in the dark. I've never tried it, mainly because I can't imagine that I'd be able to see enough of the road ahead of me to avoid holes, rocks, etc. Is that something you ever get over?

Jodi said...

Sounds like fun! I'm starting to wish I had a mountain bike now. Definitely NOT in the budget this year.



triteacher said...

Yes, there is life and joy even during the off-season. :) Thanks for the inspiring reminder. Makes me want to do my own "stealth mode" ride.