Monday, October 02, 2006

I'm still standing......

Just wanted to blast out a quick post so everyone knows I'm still around. I have things to post about but have trouble finding time to post because sometimes it just takes me too much time to compose a single post. If it's a detailed post it may take me an hour or more to get my thoughts out in a way that even I can understand.

I saw this quote on an e-mail signature line and I liked it.

To be free of destructive stress don't sweat the small stuff and realize that all stuff is small.

Author Unknown

I think we have all read something similar to this but the part that sticks out for me is the be free of DESTRUCTIVE stress. How true that we often find the stress in our lives to be destructive mentally, emotionally, physically.

Lighten up people......Get Your Game On.


JenC said...

I always like to say, "Don't stress about the things you can control, because you can control them. Don't stress about the things you can't control, because you can't control them. Basicly, don't stress." It helps me through the hairier times of life.

Papa Louie said...

Glad to hear you're still standing. I know what you mean about time and composing a meaninful post.

Beth said...

One of my favorite tag lines is "Game On". Sound familiar? :)