Monday, June 25, 2007

Boulder Training Camp/Vacation - Day 4

Sunday night Bolder and I talked about what Monday should hold for us. I felt it would be a shame to not get another bike ride in. It would be the last time I would have an opportunity to climb anything significant, even though I’m hoping to attack Whiteface Mountain at Lake Placid.

We started formulating the sequence of events starting with my flight departure at 12:45PM. As we started working our way backwards to our wake up time I stopped the conversation. I looked him square in the eyes and said “No”. There was NO need to get in another bike ride. There was NO need to put more stress on our bodies. There was NO need to rush around like crazy people and have a repeat of Saturdays rush to ride. Once the planning became more effort than the enjoyment we would get from the ride, we had to call it quits.

Boy am I glad we decided to skip the morning ride. We woke up at our leisure and headed out to a local “greasy spoon” for breakfast. We talked and enjoyed the scenery from our booth and ate some great breakfast food. Getting back to the HABC I started to pack for my return trip home. Around 10:00AM we finally headed to the airport.

I felt sad looking behind me and seeing the foothills and mountains I was leaving behind. I think Boulder, or at least Colorado, has chosen me. I can hear it calling for me to return, either for a visit or permanently. The empty feeling in my stomach as I left Boulder would become filled again when I embrace Aimee in my arms at home. Then we will make plans to return so I can show Aimee the beauty of Colorado.

I cannot say enough about this epic weekend with Bolder. When I say epic it was on many different levels.

Yes the training was “epic”. Masters swim class and a total of 4000 yards swimming for the weekend in outdoor pools, one being 50 yards long. A two day total of 105 miles on the bike with 6 hours 15 minutes of riding. There was also 10-11 miles of running.

The eating was “epic”. Bolder took me to some of the nicest restaurants where we ate fantastic food without breaking the bank. You can’t go wrong with Salmon BLTs, burrito’s covered in cheese and sauce, egg and cheese bagel sandwiches, 12 ounces of prime rib, breakfast souffl├ęs, brick over baked pizza, and blackened catfish. Oh, I can’t forget the Mint Oreo Cookie ice cream for evening snacks.

The scenery in and around Boulder is “epic”. The number of cyclists was thrilling. The mountain views spectacular. The plains and red rock escarpments were breathtaking. I had a hard time focusing on the road because I wanted to see everything around me. The multi-purpose path along the Boulder Creek was a true testament to the dedication Boulder has to the health and enjoyment people are expected to have while there.

Most importantly and most epic of all was the building of a friendship with my TriBrother. Bolder is a most gracious host and wanted to make my trip enjoyable, and he succeeded. The more we talked the more we realized how many things we have in common, inside and outside triathlon. Bolder has a deep and passionate commitment to the tri-blog community. The invaluable advice and support he provides is priceless. He fielded several calls from people that had raced on Sunday offering congratulations and moments of zen, often both.

Many thanks to Bolder for a wonderful weekend. This man has Game and more often than not, it’s On.


Phoenix said...

Hang on a second, I thought Bolder was all Paleo Diet for endurance athletes and stuff. Where does cheese and Mint Oreo Cookie ice cream fit into that? And when can I come and visit?!?!

Eric said...

Bolder is all AmeriCone Dream. I ate the other pint.

Sascha said...

I used to always weep when I left colorado behind me. But this last time, when I left Boulder, I didn't. Because I know I will live there permanently in the future. It's where to go if you love your bike.

Bolder said...

thanks for coming to visit TriMecca my TriBrothah!

Bolder said...

oh, and btw, Scott Carpenter Pool is olympic-sized... 50 meters!