Monday, August 06, 2007

Whiteface Mountain and Me

For all of the chart and data geeks out there here is the details on my ride up Whiteface Mountain. You may also appreciate the equipment selection as well.

Clothing kit included arm warmers and wind vest tucked into the back pocket of my jersey. I need these on the ride down as the air was still cool and the speeds caused the sweat to chill the body.

GT ZR3000 road bike with Flashpoint 60 wheels, 11-23 cassette and 53/39 cranks.

I was in the 39/23 combination for the entire way around it. What do you expect when the average grade is 8.4% for 8 miles. I used Google Earth and the BIM Active data to figure out the average grades per mile. I changed the table to reflect the grades for the climb.

The data doesn't show it but I topped out at 4585 feet elevation after starting the official climb at 1040 feet. That's 3545 feet of pure non-stop climbing.

Route:--Elev. Avg:1984 ft
Location:Jay, NYElev. Gain:+9 ft
Time:06:19 AMDifficulty:4.6 / 5.0
63F temp; 83% humidity
63F heat index; winds Calm

Distance:32.92 miles
Speed:12.3 mph
Pace:4' 53 /mi
Elevation (ft.)
Speed (mph)
MileGRADE Speed (mph)Elevation
actualactual+/- avg
111.0-1.3+174 ft
213.0+0.7+142 ft
324.1+11.8-114 ft
412.4+0.1+206 ft
516.0+3.7-92 ft
64.011.2-1.2+210 ft
79.47.0-5.3+495 ft
89.05.5-6.8+475 ft
97.17.8-4.5+374 ft
109.56.7-5.6+501 ft
119.06.6-5.7+475 ft
129.46.4-5.9+495 ft
137.37.9-4.4+387 ft
145.5-6.8-298 ft
1511.5-0.8-436 ft
1625.3+13.0-521 ft
1724.0+11.7-518 ft
1827.8+15.5-410 ft
1936.0+23.7-446 ft
2036.8+24.4-508 ft
219.1-3.3-331 ft
2216.0+3.7+147 ft
2326.9+14.6-151 ft
2417.5+5.2+49 ft
2520.0+7.7-105 ft
2626.1+13.8-193 ft
2722.6+10.3-20 ft
2819.7+7.4-27 ft
2918.9+6.6+42 ft
3014.2+1.9-7 ft
3121.9+9.6-36 ft
3219.9+7.6+26 ft
end14.3+2.0+23 ft
Versus average of 12.3 mph

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JenC said...

Wow, this chart makes me feel even prouder of riding 4 of those 8 miles. Thanks for sharing!

Matt Collister said...

Sweet ride. I'd love to do that one day. With a nice, long warmup!

TriBoomer said...

That's some cool data. One day I'll get one of them Garmin gadgets.

Stay tuned...