Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The people have spoken.....

and I have been deemed a lazy blogger. First Neese had to leave me a comment on my last post. Then Dying Water Buffalo left me three messages on that post accusing me of having a life outside of blogging. Then Dave and Cliff posted comments about me sighting them at IM USA. Finally my brother e-mails me directly needing a blog post fix.

10 showings of love on my post from July 20 and nothing new since then. I'm a baaaaaaadddddd blogger. I'm working on my IM USA Spectator Race Report but training, work, and general life have gotten in my way. I'm sorry but I don't like to throw crap up on my blog just to see myself post.

I will try to report on my stripping exploits at IM USA soon.....I have pictures also.

Now go outside and get some Game On.


Phoenix said...

Isn't it great that people want to know what's going on with you? Stripping with pictures sounds worth the wait!

Congrats on having a life by the way!

Dying Water Buffalo said...

We only harrass you because we love you!

TriSaraTops said...

The people need to see some stripping! ha ha

Saw the pics you took of Cliff on his blog--those are very cool!

JenC said...

I've been awaiting your report as well. Wish you two could have stripped me!!