Friday, September 14, 2007

Recap of the last 10 ten days

The previous post was started on 10/4. I didn't want to miss posting the workout.

So where am I now? I've been going to an acupuncturist and that has been helping. While I am lying there on the table with needles in my legs and back I've been thinking about where I am athleticly an where I should be going. I finally had an epiphany about the Wineglass Marathon.

I wasn't progressing along as fast as I was hoping and I had to make the hard decision to back out of yet another marathon attempt. Aimee thought I had made that decision a week earlier but I finally came to grips with it on the 10/7.

As soon as I let the race go in my head I felt a great relief in my body. I made the right decision.

So I entered into the weekend with a good attitude and some good things to do. I was watching the Ironman Wisconsin race unfold from my living room and at my father-in-laws house. While having dinner at his place my mother-in-law told Aimee and I that the trip she wanted to take with us in July would be scheduled for October instead so we could avoid peak season. Immediately Aimee and I thought about my plans for Ironman Florida and her plans for the Nike Marathon in San Francisco.

Oh that would not be good for my training for IM FLA. Almost immediately I thought about my friends at Ironman Wisconsin and how I could do that race instead. Question was, could I get in. Work plans would be tricky to be on-line when registration would open.

I tool the chance and managed to be on the website right when registration opened up. So at 12:02PM EST I became a participant for Ironman Wisconsin, aka. IM MOO.

I know of a good crew from Cleveland going next year and my friend and teammate TriAl V2007 will be there as well. I needed something like that to fire me up for the 2008 season since my 2007 season will go out with a fizzle.

So there is a quick and dirty update. I'm still rehabbing the leg and waiting impatiently for it to come around. But for now I have IM Moo to look forward to. And a big vacation after Thanksgiving.

Game On.