Sunday, January 20, 2008

Baby it's cold outside

Here in Northeast Ohio the cold Canadian air has dropped on us putting the temps below freezing. Well below freezing....single digits overnight and nothing over 20 during the day. I managed to do my long run yesterday outside before the main drop in temperature.

Alot of people are surprised when I tell them I run outside in such cold temperatures. I think you just need to be smart with what you wear. I have a great jacket from Pearl Izumi. Once I put the right layers underneath I'm very comfortable without getting too hot.

12 mile training run yesterday. 1 hour 44 minutes. Overall it was a great workout and a beautiful morning. Hopefully my bike trainer ride today will go okay. My knees are a little sore from a slip on a patch of ice.

Be careful with the cold conditions but never let it keep you inside.

Game On


Bolder said...

why do Canadians not blame the north pole for their weather?

just watch breathing in that cold air... from the North Pole...

Sascha said...

high of -3 here yesterday. I ran outside. Very fast from the car to the gym.

Bill said...

Well done, Eric. Keep pushing through the winter.

Smartly, of course.

triguyjt said...

Game right,

Will run outside Monday am. Love the cold too. .hey, you have the buckeye half mary trail coming up....

good luck. 12 mile 1:44 nice