Thursday, January 03, 2008


Why? I find myself asking myself that question, usually during a Why was I out in the cold Northern Ohio cold of 18 degrees for a 40 minute run? Why am I working out as often as I do? I just complete the first two days of '08 training with back to back doubles.

Wednesday was a morning swim of 3500 yards then an evening spin on the rollers for an hour. Today, Thursday, was a morning swim of 2800 yards and an evening run. Why did I just do that?

So then my mind branches out beyond training and triathlon. Why? Work, family,

I have never been challenged with that question from other people. Why do I swim/bike/run so much? I think my neighbors have just gotten used to seeing me head out for a run with the dogs or in my spandex for a ride.

I think I am posing the question to myself because I have read so many other bloggers that ask that question of themselves or have had the question asked of them.

After many a profound run or bike, I'm too busy counting during swimming, I have settled on the following answer.

Because I Can.
More to follow.

Game On.

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triguyjt said...

game on eric..your right.
why do we do this stuff?? it was already in our dna, i think and this just solidifies it. I love the fact that, even at an ancient age, I can compete with some (not all) young-ins.. thats one reason.
anyway... hannah montana gig was tougher to get than the everest climb in my flip flops!!!