Thursday, March 13, 2008

Momma Said Knock You Out

Um......yeeeaaaaahhhhh.......something like that.

Aimee and I rode our bikes in the basement the other night. Monday I believe. She wanted to swim.......I don't like swimming in the evening.....I wanted to spend some quality training time with her.....we rarely get a chance to do any training together.

I set her up on the trainer and I pulled out my road bike and rollers. I had an easy ride scheduled and the rollers are great for that. They also make sure my balance is fined tuned and my pedal stroke is smooth.

The one thing that isn't smooth is the front derailleur of my road bike. I have to work on it. It gives me all sorts of issues when trying to get into the big chain ring. So I'm trying to shift up, slowing down....speeding up....I guess not paying attention.....I start to tip over. I managed to un-clip but not before I knocked over the the CD rack we use for towels, food, water bottles, remotes, etc TOWARDS Aimee. Then I force Aimee.....on her bike.....on the tip over as well.

We came out of it okay. I got a small scratch from the CD rack but otherwise we were able to laugh about it. We got everything up-right and finished the ride without further incident. Don't loose your focus on those rollers or else it will bite you in the ass.


Bolder said...


the two of you now officially do everythang together.

including CRASHING!

triguyjt said...

Where is the video of that???????
you tube that!!!

gonna knock you out!!!!!!!