Sunday, March 09, 2008

You know you're an athlete when..... get cranky. I was talking with a friend of mine this weekend. With all of the snow we have had in Cleveland, come on I know you saw us on Weather Channel, it was very difficult to get any good training in. That is unless you feel pushing a snow blower around or shoveling snow is conducive to a good tri workout.

Regardless, my friend was getting cranky because his running game was shutdown. All the snow outside was forcing people to stay inside. It was so bad all the area YMCA's were closed all weekend. No treadmills, no running. Of course there is the, "ride the bike on the trainer for 2 hours in the basement" option. I even had to do that.

Anyways my cranky friend was at wits end. I told him to expend his stored up energy in alternative ways. Maybe he needed to "get some". That's when the conversation slipped into the "too much information" mode and he quickly responded, "What do you think I've been doing the past two days!" WOW. I didn't need to know that much. He apologized while in my best Napoleon Dynamite internal monologue said, "Lucky!"

So let's see know. He's cranky because he can't get in his run work-outs but manages to have "relations" with his hot wife two days straight because of the snow. Now that is a dedicated athlete. A little mis-guided but dedicated.

Aimee and I managed to get in our runs outside today after the final clearing of the driveway. The roads actually weren't too bad save for the slush and hard packed snow. I totaled 10.5 miles in 1:30. I was happy with that considering there were streets much worse off than our own.

So the snow has stopped falling, the sun was out and the forecast calls for warming temperatures reaching the 50's by mid-week. Where the hell is all this snow going to melt to? One problem after another.

Have a great week and get your Game On.

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triguyjt said...

well, your buddies workout could be like a pilates know..doing some planks, some...ahhhh about a few dips.....yikes....
sorry I took up the thread...haha

i will get an early monday am run in outside and then come into the basement tread at casa de jt and do some tempo work..should be a good workout...

plus all the shovelling, and I'm good for a couple ironmans in the next month, haha