Sunday, April 27, 2008

Awesome day at the races....

for Snakebite Racing. This morning was the 8th annual Buzzard Duathlon/Biathlon/3 mile run. This rite of spring brings people out in masses and is the first multi-sport race in Northeastern Ohio.

For the second year in a row we were blessed with perfect weather race morning. I had high expectations for this to be a team race and I was very happy with the results.

Racing we had myself, Alan, Angie, Nicole, Mike, Ian, and Matt....I think that is everyone.

At the was Michelle, Rick, Gary and one more member I can't remember his name. They were all watching and cheering us on. Rick and Gary got some great photos and Michelle helped at the finish line.

Gary's pictures are posted on his Flickr account.

Rick has his Flikr account here. Lots of great pics.....thanks guys. I'll be making one of my movies this week.

Results are not posted yet but I can say this:

Snakebite Racing placed in each age group and took a 2nd overall in the biathlon (Mike).

My wifey, Aimee, took first in her age group in the duathlon.

I couldn't have asked for a better day and results.

I will have a full race report on Tuesday. In fact it will be a Two Fer because I still need to post my half marathon race report.

Game was so On today.


triguyjt said...

cool..look forward to the reace report, eric

Mike N. said...

The remaining SBR member in the cheering section was Dan Baraona. He originally planned to race but his crankset had other ideas. So he brought the family out for a nice day in the park while rooting us on.

Bolder said...

biathlon? you still have snow??

was on my bike when you called, will call back...

Eric said...

Biathlon - Run then Bike. Nothing else. No shooting or skiing involved.

Must mean something different to Canadians.