Friday, April 18, 2008

Family and Friends Friday - Debbie

I'm working on my race report from last weekend. Until I am done...tomorrow is something to read. In case you haven't heard about Duane and his triathlon journey go to Couch Potato To Ironman and also check out Bolder's Post.

Duane is one of those people that reminds me that anything is possible. But then again I don't have far to go to see that in action. You see Cleveland is full of triathletes of varying talents and physcial stature. One person who amazes me is Debbie. I sometimes call her Crazy Debbie. She is so crazy excited about triathlon it drive you crazy as well. But now she's crazy for doing this Double Ironman.

Check out these links about Debbie:

Lifestyle Change Award

Double Ironman

Ironman Florida 2005

This girl has more "Game On" than alot of people I know.

1 comment:

triguyjt said...

your right..that gesture to duane was very very nice..touching..
really a testament to the kinds of people in the sport...

as for our double ironman friend..she is just amazing...

truly inspiring.