Friday, November 14, 2008

Family and Friends Friday - Jeff J

Jeff is one om IM training partners and of course an all around nice guy. Upon first introduction Jeff is pretty quiet and reserved. But once we get running or cycling, with Scott making it a trio, there is plenty of laughs and joking with each other. Hey, you have pass the time somehow be it a 4 hour ride or 90 minute run.

Jeff was a swimmer in college and is still an amazing athlete. He is consistantly in the top 50 exiting the water at Ironman. This past year he was signed up for IM Wisconsin. I was excited that we woould be racing together, well maybe not together, but in the same race. Unfortunately a lost battle to a persistant cold which turned into bronchitus forced his withdrawal from the event. He tried to train through it but it was too much.

Jeff was also getting ready for his impending wedding to Elizabeth which will come to a conclusion tomorrow afternoon.

Aimee and I are looking foward to sharing in the happy day with some great friends.

Congratulations Jeff and Elizabeth.

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JenC said...

You know I was just thinking about Jeff and Elizabeth today (saw them at the pool) and was wondering if they were going to get married. So glad to hear that they will be! Great couple! Give them my best wishes!