Friday, November 21, 2008

Family and Friends Friday - Mary

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary.....How does your marathon go?

Mary has been one of our running friends for many years. Aimee has trained with her for different events and we always have a good time. Mary has completed 7 marathons and her 8th will be in Philadelphia this Sunday.....and I have a feeling this will be her most special one yet.

Mary knew all year that she wanted to do a fall marathon. She saw the Philly one listed and started to train for it. However, when she tried to register it was already closed. But something in the back of her mind wouldn't let it drop so easily. She felt a strong "need" to do this marathon.

A relentless stream of e-mails and phone calls asking for admittance to the race were made. Mary just couldn't let this race go. She tried to convey the deep calling she was feeling for this marathon. She eventually received an email from a charity organization stating that they had a few slots available for the race if she was interested in running the race on their behalf. Reluctant at first, Mary researched the "Back on My Feet" organization and realized this was the reason she "needed" to do the race. To complete a marathon that would benefit those less fortunate than her. Three days later she received a call from the race organizers offering her a spot in the race. She politely declined since she accepted the entry from the "Back on My Feet" group.

Mary sent out the message below to her family and friends:

I am running the Philadelphia Marathon on November 23 on behalf of the"Back on My Feet" organization in Philadelphia, PA. I am really excited about this opportunity to run this race for someone other than myself! I am trying to raise $1,500 for this great cause and would appreciate the consideration of a donation (see donation options below). I know everyone is so busy but if you could take a moment to read my story and review the links on this page, you will understand why I am so passionate about this great cause.

I didn't post her entire message due to it's length, but hopefully my summary shows what a caring person she is and how she has turned her love of running into a way to help others.

If you are interested in helping Mary with her fund raising you can go to the website

This Sunday Mary will show that she has her Game On.


triguyjt said...

Go Mary Go!!!!!!

Shawn said...

what a way to combine something you love with sharing that love with others :) Good for her!