Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's Go Time

I have alluded to it. I haven't talk much about it. I have left links to it. It is on my schedule in the side bar. It is finally here.

It is....The American Triple-T.

In case you haven't been to the website here is a summary of what my Memorial Day weekend will be like.

Race #1: Prologue
Friday, May 22, 5:00 PM
250m Swim - 5 mi Bike - 1 mi Run

Race #2: Individual Time Trial
Saturday, May 23, 7:30 AM
1500m Swim - 24.8 mi Bike - 6.55 mi Run

Race #3: Team Triathlon
Saturday, May 23, 3:00pm Start
24.8 mi Bike - 1500m Swim - 6.55 mi Run

Race #4: Team Time Trial
Sunday, May 24, 7:00am Start
1.2 mi Swim - 55.5 mi Bike - 13.1 mi Run

Uummmmm yeah. Four triathlons in three days.

3.1 miles of swimming
110.1 miles of biking
27.2 miles of swimming

A constant theme for each tri is hills. On the bike and on the run. Knowing the RD I'm sure he has figured out a way to add a hill during the swim.

Aimee and I will be camping in the state park for this event. Aimee is a real trooper for this one because of the camper. She's going to feel like Clark Griswold's cousin Eddie......"shitter's full".

She will be my support for the weekend. She's always there to take care of me.

I'll have my laptop and will be writing my race report(s) during the weekend. I'll post them next week when we return.

I'm ready for this. A little undertrained, but still ready for it.

My Game will need to be On more for this than either of my Ironman finishes.

Here's wishing everyone a pleasant Memorial Day weekend.

Game On, On, On.


TriSaraTops said...

GO GET 'EM, buddy!!!! Have fun! Can't wait to hear the report(s!).

Feel It: The Factory Rider said...

i feel depressed only having one race this memorial weekend!!

KMAX said...

Wow, that is wild! Best of luck to you this weekend@

Rick said...

get the game on!
good luck....good gawd, do i need to get some real riding in!

Hope to see you when I'm back in town in June.

Cyndi said...

Go Eric, go...Go....GO! What a great way to spend a weekend!!