Saturday, May 09, 2009

What Am I Doing?!?!?!?!?

Obviously not posting on the old bloggie thing. I don't like it when the blog gets ignored and I don't post for over a week. I mean it's not like I'm working and training enough as it is.

But I will admit that work has thankfully been busy lately, next two weeks will be worse, and I am getting in the last of my big training for the Triple T. So of course my blogging suffers. My reading of other peoples blogs is still on par, but my writing it suffering. Quality over quantity, right.

Moving forward I'll give a brief recap of training.

Last weekend I decided to overload the running. I was working out of town Friday to Saturday and taking your running shoes is so easy when traveling.

  • I ran Wednesday, don't remember where or how far.
  • Thursday was a rest day, floating rest days have been popular this year.
  • Friday I wanted to run long after I was done with my customer. I had found a route that was going to be awesome. I drove the route earlier in the day and I liked what I saw. Unfortunately the early evening rain came through and put a kabosh on that idea. The rain was falling at a 45 degree angle, can you say windy? I wound up running 70 minutes on a treadmill at the local Y....on a Friday 7PM. How exciting.
  • Saturday I worked in the morning and drove home. I ran our 6.5 mile loop in about 51 minutes, 8/min pace. I kept it easy since my long slow run wasn't going to happen.
  • Sunday Aimee and I rode for 2.5 hours together. I did several strong intervals just to test out the bike legs. I hopped off the bike and ran the 6.5 mile loop again, reverse this time, at a much higher intensity. Finished the loop in 45 minutes this time, roughly a 7/min pace. Wicky Wicky What What! Boy did that feel good.

The final run of the weekend was the high point of training last weekend. I felt great and had a blast pushing the pace and keeping it fast.

This past week I had two good swims. Great intensity and yardage. I think both were around 4000 yards. On Wednesday I did some short hill repeats in the rain. That was a good workout. The rain wasn't coming down too hard and the temp was warm enough for shorts and a shirt. My warmup and 2 miles between repeats was at a strong pace. The hill repeats were "hill bounding". Short strength repeats lasting 10 - 20 seconds. Not the long 90 second repeats or run to the top type of repeats. I also read an article about hill sprints in Running Times that I will have to try, but I digress.

The one thing I really liked about that run was being free. I didn't have my watch with me. I had forgotten to pack it in my bag. So......
  • I don't know how far I ran.
  • I don't know how long I ran, time wise.
  • I don't know how long each hill repeat was.

And I really didn't care. I went by feel and it felt great. Finishing the workout I felt good. These types of repeats aren't supposed to drain you. I came away feeling like I could do more, but I also knew that what I had done was enough. There would be benefit from what I accomplished.

So leading up to this morning.......I woke up at 4AM to pee and have been up since. Early to bed on another exciting Friday night has me ready to go for the weekend. We have to manage our training around a wedding today and Mother's Day tomorrow. I still think it will be quality. At least I hope so. This is the last opportunity for "big" training for Triple T. It's coming up fast.

I will be back sooner than later for another post. Sunday night. I will post by Sunday night. I will. Really. Must.FOCUS.

Game On people. Get that damn Game On.


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Nice work. Thinking of heading up that way in June. Wanna hook up for a ride and lunch.

Take care

Cyndi said...

Nice work E-rock! Nice eh... 'Brief' recap hA ha. Like the hill training too....hill is a four letter word for me, but sounds like you had fun with it. As always, nicely done!
Friday nights just can't get any better eh?