Wednesday, September 02, 2009



Yeah you.

Who's yelling at me?

It's me....P2C. You know. Your tri bike.

Oh man you had me worried there. I thought it was some of my blog readers coming after me.

No one reads your stupid blog you hack. So once again, Where the hell have you been?

I've been around.

Not with me you haven't.

I know. August was my off month. I didn't forget about you. We had a good ride at Musselman both days. I figured you needed some time off also.

Fine...sure. I wouldn't have cared but you didn't touch me for two weeks after Musselman.

I know.

I was dirty. You put me away in the garage and I was dirty.

I know.

No you don't know. I WAS DIRTY! You peed on me....TWICE. Remember?

Oh that. Yeah, I guess you are right. Sorry about that.

Sorry don't cut it. YOU PEED ON ME!!!!!

I tried to wash you down during the ride. I sprayed water on you.

Oh sure. What about the chain. Water....chain.....rust. Duuuuuhhhhhhh.

Okay. I was a little slow cleaning you. I cleaned you up pretty nice. Lubed the chain. Cleaned the carbon fiber real good.

Then you just left me to collect dust in the garage. You sure know how to tease a guy. Put me in the bike stand right at the edge of the garage. Able to see the outside without a chance to get my tires on the pavement. DAMN YOU!!!!

August was a very busy month and I needed the time off. Don't forget, our season started early this year with Triple T. I was ready for a break.

Sure fine. A small ride would have been nice. Instead you use me as a holder for your bug spray. Thanks a lot.

Hold on. Let me see where August went. I can't believe it's September already.

August 1 Aimee and I had dinner with friends in Vermilion. Oh there was a lot of wine and we closed the restaurant. No chance getting up early to ride the next morning. However, I did ride forget about that.

Go oooonnnn.

August 8/9 I had to work then we volunteered at the Greater Cleveland Triathlon. It turned into a duathlon because of the strong lake current. You should have seen all of forget about that too.

You mean my extended family was there! Damn you.

August 15/16 was more work and the Vermilion tri. I was in no shape to race but Aimee did the Aquabike.

That prissy pink Cervelo was able to race. This is totally unfair.

August 22/23 I had more work....again.

And last weekend August 29/30 Aimee and I went to Denver to visit Marc and Gloria. We saw Depeche Mode in concert at Red Rock. We also drove to the top of Pikes Peak.

We also went through a park called Garden of the Gods

Oh and then you probably rode one of Marc's bikes while you were there.

Actually no. Aimee and I ran in a race called the Skirt Chaser 5k. The women had a 3 minute head start on the guys.

Did Aimee kick your ass?

Almost. I didn't get her until 2.5 miles. We did cross the finish line together holding hands. We were both 11th in our age group. Aimee talked with Nicole Deboom after the race.

You're about to make me puke.

August certainly did fly by. How about a ride tonight? Do you want to get out on the road?

Sure but I don't quite feel right. Something is different. WHERE ARE MY FLASHPOINTS!!!!!

I let Eric B borrow them for Ironman Louisville. They looked sweet on his white Trek. He flatted twice because of some tacks on the road. But he finished in 12:10:10.

FLATTED!!! I'm about to faint. I need some fresh air.

Okay. I'll get changed and we can go for a ride.

And put some damn air in my tires. I feel about 60 pounds low. If I didn't like that guy so much I'd toss him in a ditch.

All set. Let's see how my legs are today. I don't want to go too fast but I'll open it up a couple of times.

Damn right. I'm built for speed mother fu.....

STOP RIGHT THERE!! This is a family type of blog. I have youngins' reading my posts.

Fine. Let's get going then. "BAAACCCKKK in the saddle again"

That's right. Game On.


Big Daddy Diesel said...


I got my prize, thanks, I havent tried it out yet.

Anonymous said...

Love it...and what a kick A** summer you have had. *double high five*

Good stuff!

Christi said...

Nice blog!!!!

Tamara said...

Your Cervelo and my poor Orbea should talk. Brought home a brand new bike for my hubby last night, and my poor bikes aren't getting any love at all.

Anonymous said...

Eric, if it would make your Cervelo feel better, I'll pee on you.

Big Country

Eric said...

Big Country...I like you but let's not get carried away.

stelleri said...

hysterical.... :)

Trisaratops said...

LOL! Great pics! Your Cervelo and my poor BMC should definitely hang out.

Love the pics! Looks like a great trip!

triguyjt said...

at least you let your cervelo take a peek outside once in a while!!

so kind of you...

Pike Peak!!!?? YOu mean, Aimee didn't run to the top..I figured she would!!