Monday, August 23, 2010

Momma said knock you out

So much to blog about and so little time. Haven't I said that before? I think I have a volunteer report and a race report to write. Plus there are three other "important" posts I want to get written. Well I feel they are important and relevant and just some random thoughts I want to share with everyone.

So working backwards I need to post one of the "important" posts before the race reports.

So we are like three weeks away from the biggest and newest triathlon event here on the North Coast of Ohio. Yep...I'm talking Rev3 on Sept. 12th. FullRev and HalfRev. I know many people who will be participating race weekend...I will be in the HalfRev myself.

Some of my friends and teammates are using this race as their first full or half. Like many other people in the Cleveland tri community, I have kept my eye on several people and check in on them to see how their training is going or if I can help in some way.

I always preceed my comments with..."I'm not a coach" or " I'm not certified USAT Level I" or "in my opinion". I'm just trying to help people make some smart decisions and be healthy and make it to the start line or even better cross the finish line.

So as I am making my rounds I send an e-mail to my friend Rachael over at MissFit_Island . She is a college friend of Aimee's and Rachael has embraced the tri lifestyle wholeheartedly. She had just completed the Cleveland Olympic tri and I was seeing how she felt after the race.

She posted our dialog recently on her blog titled....You are at an Impasse. Feel free to read it then come back here to finish my post. That's okay. I'll wait.

Theme from do do do do do do dooooo....da do do do.....

Sorry...also had to take bathroom break.

Okay. So anyways. I'm just trying to be a concerned friend and help her make it to the finish line. Safely. Unfortunately my intentions were not reason I hate e-mail and blog posts......for the simple reason the written words can often be read the wrong way.

After she posted, then received some comments, Rachael called me to explain her post. I hadn't even read it yet. She wanted to make sure I didn't feel like I was thrown under the bus. She's just awesome that way.

Once I read the post and comments it all became clear.

Beth wants to knock me out. That's right woman. I'm calling you out.....and offering you a free shot should we ever meet...which could be sooner than you think.

I was just trying to be a sounding board for Rachael. The most important part of our dialog was me understanding her mental state. How did she feel her training has been going? What are her expectations? What will she be happy with?

And this is where I was put in my place. I was reminded what this is all about.

The Journey.

Self discovery. Pushing the limits. What are you capable of.

This is what I love about sports. This is what I love about blogging. This is what I love about the open dialog with people of varied personalities, abilities, education, lifestyles, etc.

We can all grow and learn from the people and events the make up our lives.

Our views about what we do may be slightly different but they are all right.

The only thing I will disagree with Beth on......being an athlete. I have had that "discussion" with Aimee many times. In my book...if you are an athlete.

Nuf said

Game On


Matty O said...

You are the mystery emailer haha :)

I understand your view on the emails a bit better now. I think that you gave sound advice in assessing her goals.

Wish we were free that weekend for the Rev3. I wanted to volunteer and cheer on so many people that I know that are doing the half.

Good luck Eric!

Christi said...

Great post and great words!

MissFit Island said...

You are awesome, my friend. I'm so glad I know you well enough to call you and explain my blog.

I agree it is easy to misunderstand and misinterperet the written word. Initially, after reading your email I thought you were telling me to quit. That thought lasted just a few seconds. I know you well enough to know you would never say that. Your email just caught me at an unusual low. Funny how the mind can trick you. I just read the words too deep.

You have been nothing but supportive and helpful and I get that was your only intent.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I remember during a training swim, a bunch of us were talking getting ready for out second lap of the lake and someone made a comment that I forgot, and will remmember in the middle of the night, but the response to that person was classic and I will always remember it. "What do you call someone who cross's the finishline first in a triathlon, a triathete, who do you call the person who finishes dead last in a race but cross's the finishline, a triathete"

Thanks for sharing Eric, we need more people like you in the world.

TriEric said...

Matty...What else could you possibly be doing on that day. Nice to know you will be thinking of us on the race course.


MissFit.....always the best to you.

Diesel.....I've heard that saying before and agree with it totally.