Monday, April 25, 2011

I'm back?

Can I even say that?

Back from where?

The last place I went was Houston and you saw my race report from AHCHM.

Actually it's my attempt to get back to blogging. Lately I have been a great reader of blogs and Facebook posts. But my own commentary has been lacking.

Then I got a comment from Michael at Slowly Tri-ing.

Really?!?!?!? Someone is still ready and visiting my humble blog? And I have to ask that really how your name is spelled? Isn't that the male spelling? I was thrown for a loop when I saw her name next to the profile picture. Maybe she will leave a comment to help me understand.

I've also started reading Blue's UnBashful Blog. I first met Megan at a swim clinic and we continue our friendship through various workouts and supporting Girls With Sole.

I also spoke with the president of Snakebite Racing, Angie. When she said she wanted to speak with me I thought, "Crap. I haven't been a very good team member lately." Actually she was looking to share some ideas with me. Whew.

But all three have helped me realize I need to get back to writing on my blog. I need to re-focus. Do the things I enjoy (blogging, taking pictures, supporting my team, training) as well as the things I must do (work, house chores, etc.) Except for work some of my "must do" items I also enjoy.

Okay...there..I've said it. Now I need to get my Game On.


Michael said...

Believe it or not you are not the first person who has been confused by my name. Yes I am a female Michael....spelled just like a guy. What can I say, my parents had a sense of humor. Well actually there is a story, but I won't bore you with it in my comment. If you are really, really interested you can read an old blog post of mine.

Christi said...

Yay, you are back! I can't wait to see more of your awesome photos and hear more about Snakebite racing.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I read your blog

In less then 2 weeks, you will have a race report to write. I need to get outside on the bike, praying for a break in this weather.

Ian Hoffman said...

Glad to have you back blogging, Eric.