Thursday, June 16, 2011

Big Fun in Kansas

Work took me west this past week. I was in the middle of the country where I could say, "Toto, I don't think we are in Ohio anymore" because I was in Kansas. And I don't care what they say about Texas, they like things big in Kansas.

Big Skateboard
I passed this guy on the highway. Maybe they were delivering it to the Jolly Green Giant.

Big Tires
Yes those are tires. Only two of them on that flatbed. Each is the height of the truck cab.

Big Tire Plant

And this is where they were going well as I. I had some work to do at this tire plant. The big tires on the flatbeds were probably going in for repairs. These tires cost so much they repair them instead of buy new ones. The plant has two large x-ray machines to find the damage. How big are the x-ray rooms? Two floors. These stacks of tires are waiting to get shipped out. You might be able to see that one stack of four tires is as high as a trailer.

Big Sunset
I caught this sunset from my hotel parking lot.

Big Hot Air Balloon
After dinner Wednesday night I saw some hot air balloons in the sky. One had an odd shape to it so I chased it down. You can see the basket under the balloon and the flame heating the air.

I followed the balloon to where they would touch down. I wonder if they knew the people living in the house.

That is one heck of a big Jack-in-the-Box balloon.

I thought that getting away from Ohio and working with my customer would keep my mind off triathlon training/racing. I had no such luck. Last weekend was the K-Swiss Ironman 70.3 Kansas in Lawrence, KS. As I was driving to my customer on Monday I saw cars with tri bikes on top going the opposite direction. Grrrrr.

Then I learn that the Topeka Tinman Triathlon is this coming weekend. If I was healthy that would have been a great double weekend to surround my work week.

Oh well. Back at home then it's the Maumee Bay Tri/Du on Sunday. I'll be cheering on my SBR teammates and other Cleveland athletes.

Game On.


Christi said...

That skateboard is just amazing. I am glad you liked Kansas. That is where I am from and despite what people say it is not that bad!

Good luck to all your friends this weekend!

Forward Foot Strides said...

I wonder what kind of vehicles those huge tires belong to?

LOL, I too wonder if the air balloon passengers knew whoever lives in the house?

TriEric said...


The large tires go on large earth mover vehicles. Things like dump trucks and front end loaders that work in mines.

tag said...

I was in the balloon... We know them now :)