Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Most Excellent Run....I never ran.

This morning Aimee and I joined our friends at A Most Excellent Run. Since I am still in recovery I grabbed my camera and made sure to grab some pictures of the event. Our friends have a special needs child who has benefited from the Achievement Centers for Children. So it was an honor to join the group this year and help push Michael for the 10k run. Aimee ran and pushed...I didn't.

But watching the magic as it happens was just as good as taking the steps behind his stroller.

This picture defined the day for me.

Helping Hands

Need I say anything more?

Here are more pictures from the morning.


Michael said...

That's awesome!

Janet Edwards said...

Awesome Eric!

I will always be grateful for A Most Excellent Run. At my previous employer, some clients of ours were affiliated with the foundation and my boss had asked me to get some employees together to run in it. It was the race that started me running again post college!