Thursday, October 25, 2012

Goruck Challenge - T minus 55 Hours

The Goruck Challange is fast approaching.  The leaders have told us our starting point, Wendy Park.  It's right along the shore of Lake Erie so I figure we will be in the water pretty quick. 

The training for it has been going well.  I got together with 4 other people last night for a final practice with our packs on.  We almost went two hours in the wooded trails of the Cleveland Metroparks.

The other aspect of Goruck Challenge is my fund raising efforts for Girls With Sole.  Of my $600 goal, $100 per brick in my pack, I am at $535.  Only $65 away from the target. 

I've put the names of people who have donated on the tape wrapped bricks so each person will be with me during the challenge.  But there is still more room.

One name that has special meaning on the bricks is Jason Valatka.  He is the son of my friend Jason Hendricks, Sr.  Jason Lee, as they call him, was serving in the Air Force stationed in Japan when he died of a freak accident in his barracks.  Jason Sr. and his family are devastated.  Being fathers with children of the same age..I feel Jason's pain. 

Ian Hoffman has made his donation in memory of Jason Lee and support of Jason Sr.

I don't know how I have managed to wind up with some many wonderful friends.  Many people have donated towards my crazy antics in the past and continue to support me.

Thank you everyone for your past, present and future donation. 

All of my friends will be with me Saturday night/Sunday morning in some way.

I have learned something important from each and every one of them that will help me get through the Challenge.  And hopefully I will be able to help those around me to push through and complete the challenge and learn something about themselves. 

Game On.

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