Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy Freakin' 2013

Happy New Year everyone. 

First off you get the obligatory picture of my running into Lake Erie at the Cleveland Triathlon Club's annual Polar Plunge.  I bought a snazzy new swim suit to celebrate the new year.

Here I am counting down the final 5 seconds before everyone ran into the water.  I took my time and walked in.

As I was walking out of the water my friend Troy had just shown up and was just getting undressed.  Troy and I did Goruck Challenge together and one thing we learned....never leave your battle buddy.  Troy wasn't about to take his plunge all by himself. 

If you can't do these types of things without a smile on your face....why bother.   I'll also admit that I didn't dive in or go fully underwater. 

So what does the new year hold in store for me.  More than I could have imagined.  First off I don't like to call my statements resolutions.  They are simply things I should do more or better.

Aimee and I will be racing at Ironman Wisconsin on September 8th.  This is my second trip to IM MOO (third IM) and this is Aimee's second IM, St. George was her first.  There is a group of 30 people from the Cleveland area participating in the race so it will be some good times with friends.

Because of the IM MOO I have a full build-up of races.  Run for Regis, Athens Half Marathon, Triple T, Double Mussel, and a smattering of other races.

But wait there's more.......

I have come full circle with Snakebite Racing and am again the Vice President of the team.

But wait there's more........

I volunteered to be on the Board of the Cleveland Triathlon Club.  My first official duties were today at the plunge by being the emcee and media contact.  I was interviewed by Channel 3 and WTAM radio.

Both of these are my realization that I need to step up and be more active with the team and club.  No time like the present.

So with all of this stuff on my plate I need to blog more......about.....

  • Training
  • Racing
  • Balance
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork

I think one interesting part of this season will be the fact that Aimee and I will both be training for Ironman...the same event.  We know several other couples in the area who have pulled it off so I think we will be fine, but it will still be interesting.

Here's to a exciting 2013.

Game On.