Sunday, January 27, 2013

Running with a friend.

Aimee had made arrangements for her long run to be with a couple of friends down in CVNP (Cuyahoga Valley National Park).  I wanted to get in a long run as well so I tagged along for the two hours of running.

However, I had plans of my own.  I was going to get re-acquainted with a friend I hadn't seen in a long time. 

Aimee, Dale and Deb headed towards the Towpath Trail and I headed in the opposite directions towards the Buckeye Trail.  The trail goes into the Cleveland Metropark Brecksville Reservation then heads into the CVNP.  This section of trail finishes at Snowville Road where I could catch the Towpath back to the parking lot.

I haven't run this section of the BT for a long time so I was excited to be out there.  The powdery snow was fresh and lightly covered the footprints from the day prior.  The only other tracks were from various woodland critters like squirrels, deer and possibly fox or coyote. 

The peace and quiet of the woods was only broken by some birds or cars when the trail went close to some roads. 

But I had the entire trail to myself.  I could clear the mind and think either about the swim challenge, tasks I needed to take care of or absolutely nothing.

The majority of the time I was thinking was nothing since I had to watch for roots buried under the snow or was simply enjoying the scenery.

The two hours almost went by too fast.  I could have stayed on the trail longer but had to get back to the parking lot.  I'll have to revisit this friend of mine come spring and watch the forest wake up.

Game On.

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