Sunday, March 24, 2013

Have you seen my toy?

Yeah....I'm talking to you. 

I'm Zoe and I can't find one of my favorite toys.  I think those two "people" that live in my house are hiding it. 

I is one of my favorite toys.  I've had it ever since I moved in. 

Here's a better picture in case you have seen it somewhere.


You still haven't seen it? can't really make out what it is?

This is what it used to look like.

Yeah, I know.  I ripped off the horns, arms, legs.  The stuffing and squeaker are long gone.

But it's my favorite toy.

You mean they bought me a new one?  Why haven't they given it to me!?!?!?

Happy Dog, Happy Dog...I'm a Happy Dog.

Look at squirrel.......

1 comment:

Michael said...

LOL! This is totally my dog too. Love it!