Sunday, March 03, 2013

Girls With Sole Swim-a-Thon.....kindof

Today was the annual GWS swim-a-thon.  Two hours of fundraising fun with Liz and Harlan.  Unfortunately I couldn't make it.  The swim time conflicted with my regularly scheduled spin sessions. 

But I didn't want to miss out on trying to help raise some money for GWS.  After I refueled from the 2 hour spin session I headed to the Y for some pool time. 

I had a lane to myself, set down my water bottle and Gels for 2 hours of swimming.

I broke the swim in 1000 yard sets.  I alternated doing 10 x 100 then 5 x 200. 

I saw two of my tri friends Lori and Julie during my swim and it helped break up the monotony with a little bit a chatter with them.  Julie shared the lane with me for my final 45 minutes.

I decided to go with 2 hours of swimming by the clock on the wall since that was the pool time Harlan had arranged at the Rocky River pool.  I was shooing for as much yardage as I could in the time allowed.

On my last 1000 I miscounted and was excited to finish up so it was a weird amount of yardage.

My watch shows that I had a total swim time of 1 hour 52 minutes taking into account a couple of breaks to refuel and hydrate.  So 8 minutes of down time is actually pretty good.

The 1:20 on my watch is the final 100 yards I did.  I was happy with that split having completed 6,8000 yards averaging 1:30/100 with 10 seconds rest. 

Yep, with the final 100 I reached 6,900 yards.  I didn't realize my "shortage" until I got home and reviewed my splits.

It doesn't matter because that is $69 I am donating to Girls With Sole.  One dollar for each 100 yards.
Well worth it.  This money is used so Liz can keep her Game On with what she does through GWS.

Anyone want to match my donation?

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