Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Ironman Race Report - Pre-Race (Friday)

Friday morning was another day to wake up when I felt like it. After breakfast Aimee and I went to meet Coach Hodska for some downhill practice. This was important in order to feel comfortable with the sweeping turns and high speeds encountered during the long downhill.

This major downhill section isn't totally downhill. There are two sections that flatten out and require pedaling. Actually I was pedaling alot. I would pedal until I spun out my gears. Why waste a good downhill. Bike handling skills were also valuable. The curves were gradual but at that speed you still needed to push down on your outside pedal as you turned. There was a little bit of steering to do as well from the aero bars. "Chicks dig guys with skills".

The first time down I was on the bullhorns and had to brake since I was too close to some other riders, Hodska, Mark and Rocky. Being on the horns make the front wheel shake alot so I had to clamp the top tube with my knees and relax.

The second trip down was much better as I was alone so I stayed aero the entire time. After each ride down Aimee would be there to drive me back up to the start. We did one more ride before I looked at my computer. My max speed was 46MPH.

Once we loaded up for the last time was drove back to town. We made a quick side trip on Riverside Drive. This is the long out and back for the marathon course. At least I wasn't going to be seeing it for the first time on race day. This is the view coming back on Riverside Drive. These are the Olympic Ski Jumps, very impressive.

We made it back to the house for lunch and relaxed a little before my afternoon massage. I reviewed my race plan again.

When Aimee and I went to the Oval for my massage we met up with my mom and dad. While I was getting my massage the three of them made signs at the Janus Tent. Aimee managed to snap a few pictures.

Jen was my IronHands massage therapist. We had a great time together and talked about alot of things. It was so hot under the tent she pulled back the curtains for some fresh air. I didn't care since I had shorts on. I have Aimee to thank for this pictures.

Jen was the volunteer coordinator. She did a fantastic job and I felt great heading into the race.

In the Janus tent my mom was making a sign while I goofed around in the background of the picture.

My kids, Andrew and Amanda, drove in from home on Friday. They arrived right before Aimee and I left for dinner and The Veranda. I got them squared away and we left for a nice meal. The Veranda has a nice porch that overlooks the downtown area of Lake Placid. We got two nice pictures from the porch.


greyhound said...

So, they don't make you ride bikes down the ski jumps? Oh well, I guess that's in the xterra event.

Cliff said...


Curious, what's the average speed when you are going downhill?

Tryingtotri said...

I am loving reading the race report. can't wait to get to the 'meat' of it.

PS. I am going to take you up on the training tips....and I am sure I will see you at the Huntington beach I see you at every race we run!

husband of Buckeye

Lana said...

46 mph - wow!!

Tryingtotri said...

PS. Luving the B-Boys video