Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Two for Tuesday - Women in My Life

How about that.......2 Two for Tuesday. This is a post Ironman entry as I begin thanking the people who supported me during my quest to become an Ironman.

Aimee - My wonderful wife

From day one when I first mentioned signing up for Ironman she was behind me 100%. Not once did she doubt my ability or complain about my training. She knew what this would involve and wanted to see me accomplish this task. Being a highly motivated athlete herself, she had her own training to attend to. First a half marathon in the spring then a fall marathon in Baltimore, soon to come. How many times did she wake up with me early to help me get out of bed to swim as she hit the tread mill? How concerned was she when my right hip seized up on me 6 weeks prior to my first marathon? How many times was she waiting for me with her bike to go out with me for the run portion of my brick?

All of them I cannot count, but she was always there. Providing the mental boost when I was down or doubting myself. I cannot think or express how much I am in love with this woman for all that she had done for me since we became married. She was the motivator that got me back into running seven years ago. I think about the past, present and future of my life with Aimee and know there will be even more memories to add onto the ones we have so far. Je t'aime.

Angela - My Fantastic Coach

Three years of coaching. Three years of friendship. Three years of growth that she has encouraged and nurtured through her training plans. We have learned much about each other. She has helped me push harder to reach my goals. I have tried to help her become a better coach. Without her I would still be a mediocre triathlete training in an unstructured manner sitting in the middle of the pack not knowing how I could ever complete an Ironman. I feel that I am more physically fit now than when I was in high school running track.

It's hard to describe how I feel about Angela because she is both my coach and friend. But what a wonderful combination it is. As long as she is coaching I hope to be under her guidance for many years to come. Friends Forever.


Curly Su said...

it's great to have wonderful people in your life, isn't it?

Bolder said...

a very thoughtful post.

TriSaraTops said...

So cute! Those are two amazing women.