Thursday, August 10, 2006

We interrupt this.....

....race report for a special Youtube video I found at John's blog this morning. Have something nearby to wipe the tears away.


E-Speed said...

Brian got to run with them around mile 25 in Boston. I would have been bawling. They are absolutely inspiring.

Hak said...


I found this at Chris' site over at so he gets credit for starting this.

Good stuff on Team Hoyt.

John (aka Hak)

TriSaraTops said...


Thank you.

Hak said...

Sorry...I just realized that you had clicked the link to my test page where I was trying to get the video to work. That's gone now and everything sits at its proper location at The Journey of Hakado Ru.

After watching the clip and watching Dick tow his son in a Zodiac for 2.4 miles, well, I just feel like a cupcake in the pool.

John / Hak