Friday, December 08, 2006

Family and Friends Friday - Mr. VG

First off - Blogger Sucks Donkey Balls - take two for today's post.

I want to introduce you to a little friend who has been visiting me this week. Mr. VG has been at the house for maybe two weeks and he is starting to annoy me. I'm getting cranky. I'm tiring easily and I can't eat what I like. Mr. VG has been throwing a wrench into my training causing me to back off and not get in the quality or quantity I want during my base phase.

You see Mr. VG (Viral Gastroenteritis) is just plain annoying. Too much food or intensity during exercise and he passes everything right through. He's a cranky SOB as pictured here. I can't wait for him to finally leave so I can get back to feeling normal.
The Cleveland Tri Club is participating in the National Club Challenge and we are holding out own in the standings. I want to get some more mileage out there for our club.
So this weekend I have a brick on Saturday and a trail run with my local peeps, TriSaraTops included, on Sunday.
Here's to a better weekend, hoping to get some Game On.


Bolder said...

tell t-tops to take the lead on the trail.

i'm just sayin'

hope this passes soon


JenC said...

Dude, I feel your pain, literally. I feel like I'm falling apart. First teeth problems, then IT band and now stomach issues. Ugh!

We'll get our game on soon though. It is still only December. Good luck!