Monday, December 18, 2006

Reach out and touch...

somebody's hand....make this world a better place.....if you can.

Yeah it's the holiday season. A time for people to reconnect. Tell those around you how much they matter to you. Spreading joy and good cheer. Blah blah blah. Is this really a special time of the year? I look around and see another season for the retailers to make some money and people to paying off happiness with expensive gifts. No to become religious on your ass but isn't there more to this time of year than gifts.

I'm not trying to be negative here. I'm more of a realist. I see what's in front of me. And quite frankly I don't like what I see sometimes. When I was growing up, I remember when gas stations, restaurants, convenience stores and just about every other place of business was closed the day of major holidays. Christmas.....closed. Thanksgiving......closed. Easter.......closed. I feel sad for people who work on holidays now. They should be with family and friends the entire day......not the period of time before or after work. I'm's bullshit.

Wow...did I just digress or what? Okay, back to making connections.

Must focus. Stay in the moment. Don't reveal yourself to the blog.

We are making contact here. During this joyous holiday season. Good tidings to one and all. Send the annual Christmas card, year end wrap up letter, and pictures of the kids.

What's wrong with contacting that one person you think about in the middle of August, beginning of June, end of February. Why must we wait until "special" occasions or seasons to reconnect. Just the simple act of reconnecting, or even connecting, should be special.

In our rush around lives we fly through the day and per chance you see an old friend from high school, co-worker from a previous job, neighbor. "Good talking to you. I'll give you a call sometime." Does sometime ever arrive? I know I'm guilty of it. In 2005 I saw many friends at my 20th high school reunion. 18 months later have I really kept in touch. No. Some e-mail here and there. A couple contributed to my fund raising for Ironman. Not much else.

(maybe I'm writing this not only to you.......but also to myself)

I know some people are better at maintaining contact than others. I'm not so good at it. Maybe it's a challenge I should pose to myself. What does it take to call someone. Even if it is to leave a message on an answering machine or on a voice mail. It may make a difference to the person at the other end.

How many times have you said to a friend, "If you need anything please let me know." It may be someone who has lost a family member. A neighbor with an ill child. A friend struggling through a tough time in their life. You want to help but don't want to appear intrusive. The other person doesn't want to impose. A stand still has developed that a simple phone call could resolve. Make that call to re-iterate the offer and be a support mechanism. Make the call and ask for help when feeling overwhelmed.

At this time of the year a little "touching" could be a good thing as people deal with the stress of life and the holidays. Be the person who "gives a call sometime".

I called my friend today. Who should I call tomorrow? Game is definitely On.

In case I don't post by the end of the week......enjoy your time with family and friends all through the holiday season however you manage to spend it.


trifrog said...

Contrary, you didn't get religious at all. And why would you need to qualify being so at this time of year anyway. It's the reason for the season.

You are right that there are a lot of things surrounding this time of year that have very little to do with the true spirit of Christmas. We would all do well to put our money where our mouth is and refuse to be the demand that requires the supply of people working on holidays.

Thanks for reminding us to reconnect in a real way with others and not just in those rush-to-get-it-over-with ways that usually accompany this rushed season.

EBB said...

Nice post...very true. In my attempt to reach out: I am taking the week between x-mas and new years off if you want to workout at some point.

PS. Blogger does not like me as it will not let me psot comments on your blog using the buckeye ID

EBB said...

PS. Above comment from Buckeye runner:

qcmier said...

Or as Eric Cartman would say about Christmas: It's about Ham.

Happy Holidays.

Lana said...

You are right, Eric. This whole gift giving/getting, commercialized Christmas thing is way out of hand. It's not so much about giving as it is to make sure you've got everyone a gift that "might give you something" and crap like that....I, for one, know that I am far more stressed out than I should be at this time of year. I'll be glad when all the hype is over. But, anyways...Happy Holiday wishes to you and your family...have a good one!

JenC said...

I've been thinking of a good comment, but I'm tapped out. Every time I visit this post, I think of the Coca Cola commercial "I'd like to buy the world a Coke and ...." Definitely a good message.

Hope you and the family have a wonderful, true-spirit Christmas!