Wednesday, February 07, 2007

2006 in the numbers

I don't know why I didn't think of this earlier but I guess it's because I've never been obsessed about the numbers. I do my time, get it done and keep moving forward. But I think a look back at the numbers is in order since 2006 was the year of Ironman. Let's see how things stacked up.

I am pulling my numbers from Training Peaks. My coach had her athletes using it for 2006. I don't like how the reports turn out numbers, I don't know what is being combined, double counted or broken out.... a little confusing.

So here goes.....

447 Hours of training......equals 56 eight hour days

260,587 yards swimming......divided by 1760 equals 148 miles....DAMN, that's more than IM

1,635 miles on the bike....this was on my mountain, road and tri bike.....that's far.

743 miles running........and I had a couple of times when I was injured and not running.

1,482 miles of bricks.....this is the category that has me pissed with TP. There is not breakout of miles riden versus run. I think this is new "improvement" that I think is stupid. I have a question about it to them.

So those are my numbers for 2006. All of it was worth it to become Iron.

2007 game is on. Will be interesting to see what the numbers hold for me this year.

Game On.


JenC said...

She didn't have us use this software until the end of January, so your numbers are even BIGGER! Great job!

Bob Gentile said...

Great Job ERIC , you been a busy IRON man :-) Keep it Going!!