Thursday, February 08, 2007


That is what my muscles are saying each time I get out of a chair, be it a desk chair or the car. I started lifting again. I keep telling myself to keep at it so I don't have to deal with muscle soreness when I restart a lifting program. Damn it hurts. I guess you can say it's a good hurt though. Reminds me that I am alive. It will go away soon. I did some abdominal work last night also, so I just can't wait for those muscles to start hurting.

Am I the only one who falls off the weight training schedule when good weather hits. I just can't stand being inside lifting weights when I could be outside riding the bike or running or swimming in the lake.

Must remind myself, a strong core leads to a more complete and stronger body.

Game, ouch, On.


Bob Gentile said...

yup been down that dang SORE weight STARTING more then I want to admit to Eric...

but My current running COACH says it's not an so I been lifting faithfully for the past 2 & half months plus the sit up's push ups, jumping jacks medicine ball, jump rope which I am horrible at and PULL friggin UP's which is worse then the JR's lol

anyways, it's all about crosstraining and core stuff with Lisa Smith Batchen who is my coach and is an amazing endurance athlete...u can see her bio on my blog...

last year she did the Badwater Double 300 miles--YIKES so I listening to her, she done it all :-) well seems like it I am sure she has more to do-lol

Later Bro and good luck with those sit ups tonight,


Triteacher said...

Eric, I fall off of the weight training schedule when good weather hits, when my kitchen needs cleaning, when my compost needs stirring... you get the picture.

Yep, strong core is good. Strong core is good...

JenC said...

Whenever I'm gimping around the office from a weights workout, people say "How are you sore when you work out so much?" I tell them, "It is all about mixing it up and keeping your muscles guessing. Weights is the best for that."

Come May, I usually fall off the weights program with Angela's blessing.

Go strong core!

DaisyDuc said...

I stepped up the weights a couple months ago and I still can make myself sore....but it is always a good sore in my opinion!

A little muscle definition always provides good motivation to keep at it!

IM Able said...

Every time I feel sore after weights, I think of chicken. No, really, I do. Because my first instinct is REPAIRTHOSETEARS!!!

Keep on working juuuuuust enough to hurt, but not HURT.

(btw, shoot me your email when you have a sec -- I'd love to hear about your experience with MedExpress West Virginia!)