Saturday, February 10, 2007

Cold Morning Run

Work had me out of town the last half of the week. I was "forced" to run indoors on a treadmill two days, 40 minutes each time. So my long run this morning I wanted to do outside. Of course the weather showed the thermometer at around 8 degrees and Weather Channel was saying wind chill at -3. I was not going to run 10 miles on a treadmill!!!

So I bundled up and headed out, around 6:30AM. All of the stats are below. I was actually overdressed for the run but the extra layers helped when I turned into the wind. The out and back run allowed me to know my mileage based upon the BimActive program on my cell phone beeping each mile.

On the way back I was great with a most spectacular sunrise. One where a bright red flame of fire shoots up from the horizon as the sun starts to rise. It's looks so cool. I'm glad I had my phone because I could take this picture.

The picture doesn't do justice of what I was truly seeing but you get the idea. This made me glad I decided to brave the cold temps and run outside.

Have a great weekend and find some way to get your Game On.


Route:--Elev. Avg:690 ft
Location:North Ridgeville, OHElev. Gain:+0 ft
Time:06:35 AMDifficulty:3.5 / 5.0
Weather:Partly Cloudy
8F temp; 72% humidity
8F heat index; winds SW 10

Distance:10.03 miles
Speed:7.41 mph
Pace:8' 06 /mi


MilePace (min/mile)Speed (mph)Elevation
actual+/- avgactual+/- avg
18' 16+0' 107.3-0.20 ft
28' 01-0' 057.5+0.1+6 ft
38' 20+0' 147.2-0.2-3 ft
48' 09+0' 037.3-0.1-3 ft
58' 32+0' 267.0-0.40 ft
68' 01-0' 057.5+0.10 ft
77' 43-0' 237.8+0.40 ft
88' 05-0' 017.4+0.0+6 ft
97' 54-0' 127.6+0.2-3 ft
107' 57-0' 097.5+0.1-4 ft
end8' 53+0' 476.8-0.70 ft
Versus average of 8' 06 min/mi

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Lana said...

Seeing a sunrise like that makes it sooooooo worth braving the cold weather! Those things probably motivate me more than any other thing. Way to get out there!

Jodi said...

You make me feel guilty for my 12.1 dreadmill miles today! But at my pace... it's not quite as warm.



DaisyDuc said...

It had to be totally worth bundling up for that sunrise! Nice run!

BuckeyeRunner said...

Tri-e...we have to hit one of these runs together. Looks like we are going to need snow shoes for the next couple of days...but after that...let's get it on!

Chad said...

nice run, especially in the cold.