Thursday, March 15, 2007

Race Strategy - Part Deux

I guess I need to be serious about this race strategy thing. My fast, faster, really FAST strategy was a spoof on a Saturday Night Live skit. I can't remember details but a track coach was telling his team in order to win they would have to run fast, then run faster, and finally run really fast.

Aimee and I throw that back and forth at each other to break any pre-race tension, stress and anxiety we may have. A quick kiss also helps.

Pre-race strategy for me involves the following:

Having confidence in my training. Believing I have prepared myself physically as best I could for this particular day.

Proper Planning. I have laid out my transition area, brought the right fuel, selected the correct equipment for the conditions of the day and course.

Mental Preparation. Staying calm and relaxed. The above two items helps me find the calmness before the storm.

Smile. No matter what the day brings try to have fun. Remember how fortunate we are to be able to participate in triathlons, running, cycling, etc. Thank the volunteers, police and event staff. Cheer for other competitors. Finish the race knowing you have learned something more about yourself and others.

Just something to think about as you taper and prepare to toe the line for any event.

Sometimes the smallest things will help get your Game On.

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greyhound said...

I doubt I'll ever finish in even the top third of my age group in any race, no matter what the distance. But I still love it because of the cheering for others and learning about myself.