Monday, March 26, 2007

Where does it come from?

This past week we saw a nice warming trend into the mid 60s. With that we all want to spend some much needed time outdoors. Snickers and Ruby, our Brittany's, have enjoyed the warm sunshine and the chance to chase the birds and critters around the yard. Here is a picture of
Snickers staring out the door at Peter Cottontail sitting in our garden.

Snickers gets funny when he sees a rabbit. He locks on with an intense focus. He shakes and shivers imperceptably, yet I can see his ears and fur move. He ignores whatever is around him. He may look away for just a moment but will return to his "prey" so he doesn't loose sight of his "goal".

Brittany's are natural flushers. They are supposed to be awesome bird hunters. Flushing birds from the underbrush for hunters to shoot from the air. Birds do hold an amazing fascination for both dogs. It is a true example of basic instinct. We have never hunted with the dogs. This is something that they are born with.

Watching Snickers made me think about my own focus and drive. Specifically in the area of competing in triathlons. Hey....what did you expect....this is a triathlon blog.

Lately, I've been trying to figure out my drive to compete in triathlons. Why do I train so hard? Why do I spend so much time in the pool, on the bike, pounding the pavement. Why am I swimming laps in a 20 yard pool, running circles on a high school track, spinning my legs for hours in my basement.

I absolutely enjoy the training I do. My coach was watching me swim and called me a swimmer. Swimming was my weakest part of the three but has become one of my favorites. I like the level of fitness I have acheived. I am in better shape than high school, maybe not as fast as high school but fitter. I like the balance training and racing brings to my life. That saying of work hard, play harder......I admit I do that. I train and race hard to see what I am capable of. What are my limits? For some unknown, internal, deep seeded reason I need to find out what they are.

I feel similar to how Snickers wants that rabbit so bad......I don't know what he would do with it if he caught the little critter......but he gets so excited.

I get excited with my workouts and seeing how I'm improving. I'm testing myself and learning new things about myself, others, life, fitness, etc........I hope I never stop learning or reach that unknown goal. Once I reach it what would I do next. Enough rambling.

Wouldn't you know it TriSaraTops has found a piece of the puzzle with her most recent post.

I Don't Wanna Wait

Where does it come from? Deep inside. Game On.


TriSaraTops said...

Great post!

Love that pic of Snickers! Look at that focus! ha ha

Missed you at the pool this morning! I'm a bit slow, but I'm back. :)

SkiRough said...

I am guessing he would eat the rabbit? :)