Friday, July 18, 2008

Family and Friends Friday - All of You

I consider all of you my friends. For some you stop by my blog, read my ramblings, endure long droughts of nothing, wait patiently for something to show up. I hope you manage to be entertained, learn something, take something away from my posts.

You are my friends. Without you I wouldn't be able to share my experiences and knowledge, especially over such a great forum that has a wide reach. Your blogs and posts provide me with entertainment and motivation. So I say thank you.

Friends should not be shy to ask friends for favors. You have waited since the beginning of the year, so today I finally post my declaration of intent for Ironman Wisconsin.

I sent the following message out to those in my Yahoo contacts:


You want to be cool, right?

As some of you may already know I am currently training for Ironman Wisconsin at Madison, WI on September 7th. This 140.6 mile event will be my second Ironman. Similar to 2006 and my fund raising at Ironman USA, I have accepted the Janus Charity Challenge and have signed up to raise funds for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation of Northest Ohio.

I have chosen this charity again because of who they are and who they support. In 2007 Komen provided grant money to the Karen P Nakon Foundation,, whose Turkey Trot I've run the past two years. It is wonderful to see grant money staying local and helping organizations in your own city.

I have also dedicated my race season and Ironman to Hallie Nanda, you can read my blog post about her here...

Hallie lost her battle with ovarian cancer earlier this year leaving behind her husband and two young children. Her courage and fighting attitude will provide me with the motivation I need for my training and race.

I'm keeping this request short but the attached document has much more detail about the fund raising program, including web links that would be useful.

Please consider helping me raise funds to fight breast cancer. My goal is $5000. Visit the web-sites below to help us all reach the finish line together. If you have any questions please let me know.

My web log (blog) site to read about my Ironman journey.
Fund raising website to make contributions and track my progress
Susan G. Komen website to learn about the fight against breast cancer
Ironman Wisconsin web site for event information
Ironman Live for tracking day of progress during my race

Please pass this information forward to anyone whom you feel would be interested.

Thanks in advance for your consideration and contributions.

Why do I do this..........

Because I Can


Anonymous said...


I know you do this to remember those who have lost their battle and also for those you can still help fight the disease. I am inspired by your dedication and am so thankkful for the many lives you will personally save thourgh your campaign. THANK YOU. Sophie

Steve Stenzel said...

I did IM WI last year, and I signed up in the Community Fund to raise money too. Best of luck!!

Cliff said...

Because cancer do suck :o)