Sunday, July 13, 2008

Running the Numbers

40 - minutes to get out to Findley State Park to run the trails

5 - Deer seen while running the trails.

3 - Wild turkeys, 2 adults, 1 baby

1 - family of geese I passed three times.

4 - water crossings that were at least up to my shins.

5 - times I fell during the run.

2 - roots that caused two of the falls while stubbing the same toe each time.

1 - knee bashed and bleeding

10 - miles run on the trails

2 - hours of feeling completely alive.

Game On


MJ said...

Knee bashed and bleeding? You fell 5 times? Water crossings up to your knees??!!?

You're too hard core for me! That sounds brutal!

Flatman said...

Sounds rough...

Eric said...

Hard core?.....rough?.....but why did I have so much fun doing it?

I wife calls me a freak.

Feel It: The Factory Rider said...

Those are fun trails. I bet great for running because of all the switchbacks and U turns.

Eric said...

The switchbacks and u-turns is usually what caused my slips.

It was definitely not a day to be on the trails with the mountain bike. Some sections were closed to bikes.

Cliff said...

U see more wildlife in two hours than me training in a week. (or a month!)

triguyjt said...

great post eric......